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    > I had the impression that the type of 3D support he was providing, is different than
    > the type that Mark, aka Bigfoot, Olsen provides for MorphOS. Does anyone else
    > recall the differences between the hardware accelerated 3D video card support
    > currently available for MorphOS3.9, and that provided by the latest drivers for
    > AmigaOS4.1FE, done by Hans de Ruiter? [...] I don't understand fully what the
    > differences in hardware accelerated 3D are currently, between MorphOS3.9
    > drivers, and the latest video card drivers for AmigaOS4.1FE from Hans de Ruiter?

    Warp3D Nova used by OS4 is a more low-level approach than TinyGL used by MorphOS.

    > the AmigaOS4.1FE drivers use compositing

    The drivers offer compositing. The applications/games on top are using compositing.
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