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    Jim wrote:
    BTW - Hans de Ruiter has posted a screen shot of a Polaris based card running in a SAM460 system. So RX460/560 cards apparently work in a PCIe 1.1 slot. That could mean they are likely to run in the 11,2's 1.0 slots as well.

    It appears that Hans de Ruiter is doing some amazing work on video card drivers for AmigaOS4.1FE, but I had the impression that the type of 3D support he was providing, is different than the type that Mark, aka Bigfoot, Olsen provides for MorphOS. Does anyone else recall the differences between the hardware accelerated 3D video card support currently available for MorphOS3.9, and that provided by the latest drivers for AmigaOS4.1FE, done by Hans de Ruiter?

    I know that the AmigaOS4.1FE drivers use compositing, perhaps more than the MorphOS3.9 video card drivers, but I don't understand fully what the differences in hardware accelerated 3D are currently, between MorphOS3.9 drivers, and the latest video card drivers for AmigaOS4.1FE from Hans de Ruiter? (I'm also not asking this question to open this thread up to those who want to argue which drivers, or which OS is better, I'd just like to know what the differences are, and if possible, why)

    Since both developers appear to be very talented in this area of driver expertise, but may have different approaches on how to best provide hardware accelerated 3D support, I wonder if a collaboration between the two of them is possible, specifically for just video card drivers and hardware accelerated 3D support, for the benefit of both OSes?
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