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    Tomo wrote:
    Hi everybody,

    sorry for answering so slow but they found out recently that I have cancer in the colon (first stadium, only surgery is enough) and that changes a lot in normal life (much talking with family and... and... )

    My technical knowledge is limited so your advice is really important for me.

    I found this one:

    Is this one a better choice?

    Regards Tom

    Hey Tom,
    Sorry to hear about that, it runs in my family (my father had the same thing). Hopefully surgery will put it right.
    On new video card support, it's never a good idea to buy hardware until support for it is announced.

    Right now, a PC Radeon X1950Pro AGP card is the highest card supported for the AGP G5.
    But an Apple X800XT would probably perform as well.

    Andreas and I have been speculating about the Radeon HD 5450 (in it's much rarer PCI form) as it is currently supported without acceleration and should receive accelerated drivers in the next update.
    BUT, neither of us knows if the PCI version would work in a G5.

    We are supposed to get R600 support in the next update, which would include the Radeon HD3850 and 4650 which have AGP versions.
    But there is no guarantee that the AGP versions will be supported, and if not these cards will only work in PCIe systems.

    Finally, supported PC video cards do not display Open firmware prompts. So the system display is blank until the OS boots and firmware cannot be accessed without a change in video cards.

    SO, as has been the case for some time, your best solutions for the AGP G5 are still Apple Radeon 9600, 9800, and X800XT video cards.

    And were we to receive G5 PCIe support, an Apple X1900GT would have the benefit of supporting firmware as well.

    Moving forward, the issues involved in using higher end video cards will be complicated, but the performance of the cards currently supported is entirely adequate and they are not hard to find or expensive.

    Unless you really need something more powerful, I'd stick with a Radeon 9600. They can be had for as little as $15, are silent, and perform quite well.
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