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    NewSense wrote:
    I should also mention another observation, that v1.23 (MorphOS v3.9 release) actually works in the eBay feedback pages, all the text boxes, buttons, etc., are rendered correctly AFAIK. So it's just the v1.24 of OWB that was released with MorphOS v3.10 that is not working correctly for me. Anyone else any similar observations? :-?

    If I'm correct then what's the point of having an updated port that doesn't work as well as the prior release by the MorphOS Team?

    OWB in 3.10 is based on the latest (unreleased) version what Fab has made. I think it's good that it came finally out for public, even if it's not that perfect anymore. It has the latest Webkit engine we have and also includes fixes from other sources (AROS) which enables Google logins again. So, I think it's a justified release.

    The unfortunate thing is that Webkit JS engine in it has some bugs, which makes older engines working better nowadays with certain pages. So we're (again) in the situation, that we have to use different browser (versions) for different pages. We have to use OWB 1.23 for Google Maps, but use OWB 1.24 from 3.10 for Google Mail, etc.

    There are many reasons why we are in this situation:
    1) These issues are because of the Webkit engine which "we" haven't coded, but just ported. It's quite impossible to fix how individual pages work in it.
    2) Fab isn't around to keep the browser and engine up-to-date.
    3) MorphOS Team doesn't seem to have resources and time to do the work either.
    4) Even if someone would have knowledge and time (regarding 2 or 3), that doesn't help much, because the engine can't be updated that easily anymore, because Webkit authors have stopped supporting big-endian architectures and someone should invent a totally new solution.

    I think our best hope is to have someone/team to find a new engine for our browser. There have been some initiatives and I think we should support them. We should do this as a cooperation between all our platforms (MorphOS, AROS. OS4).

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