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    Now, probably since Friday (6th April) or Saturday (7th April) even the ebay feedback pages, with the v3.10 release of OWB v1.24 (18-03-2018), cannot be accessed, so OWB is floundering quite badly now.

    All you get to see is the main titled menu header/footer area, and in between a blank page, Oh! apart from a Left facing grey chevron, with no options for user input, be that radio button type events or text input, it's all pretty useless. :-(

    I should also mention another observation, that v1.23 (MorphOS v3.9 release) actually works in the eBay feedback pages, all the text boxes, buttons, etc., are rendered correctly AFAIK. So it's just the v1.24 of OWB that was released with MorphOS v3.10 that is not working correctly for me. Anyone else any similar observations? :-?

    If I'm correct then what's the point of having an updated port that doesn't work as well as the prior release by the MorphOS Team?

    *NOTE* - I have noticed some artefacts, spurious characters in the AHI sound settings page as well, and I am wondering if by using the RegisterISO tool, the modified/updated v1.12 (released after the MorphOS v3.10 release), it has not only allowed me to inject the keyfile, but inadvertently re-arrange or mix-up some of the code in the ISO and cause some of these troubles I am currently experiencing, with sound, OWB, and the Printing system. Anyone able to check this issue out, such as Guido "Geit" Mersmann? :-?
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