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    First of all load up the "Quick-Quote" page via Get a quick quote from Parcel2go courier website of Parcel2go without/before being logged in, you should see after the first paragraph titled "Get a Parcel Delivery Quote" a blue area with 5 input areas for data requesting information such as where you want to send the package from, and to, and for input of the package's weight and size. Below that blue border you should see 2 oval buttons, one with the words "Add Another Size", and the 2nd button "Quote & Book".

    Then login to the site, if you are registered with them - then go back to the above mentioned page LINK - Quick Quote, and you will see the first paragraph as before "Get a Parcel Delivery Quote", but below that you will no longer see the blue area with the data input areas, or the 2 oval buttons, just the following paragraph titled "Delivering More Than Just Parcels"

    If you try making an order using the quick quote before you login, you can obviously input the required data into those fields, and go to the next page "View All Services" where you can choose a particular service you want to opt for, that all goes OK, then the next page "Parcel Details" requests the details of who the package is from, and who it is to be sent to - again that all seems OK, but choose the on-page option to login to your account and the page goes blank, with the fees area then showing various brackets and words, where there used to be the selected service costs, and information you had selected or was shown as the total fee, or you don't need to login on that page, but just choose once you've completed all the required details on that page to click to move to the next page, which is the same as the top option as "Basket" and on that page you will be told you have to be logged in to proceed further, so you login, and then ... there's a blank page, no details to offer payment information, etc., so at some point using the "Quick-Quote" option, or any other courier service option to arrange a delivery, you will probably find you are stuck, and unable to make use of the service as OWB will not access the site as intended. :-(

    So, you can be sure you can view your past order(s), if you have any, and view/edit your profile, but the all important use of the site is compromised, and makes it unuseable.

    It works OK using even Windows XP and Firefox ESR, but there is no way for OWB to Get a quick quote from Parcel2go courier website as it does not work as it used to.

    I hope I have explained this fully enough, but if someone else needs more information to understand this issue then just ask me.


    I thought I would also add the JavaScript error mesages generated when on Parcel2go website

    Invalid cookie optimizelyDomainTestCookie=0.9907808743882924;domain=.com;path=/;expires=Wed, 12 Jan 2028 02:14:38 GMT (domain): it does not contain an embedded dot
    [JavaScript:35:31] ReferenceError: Can't find variable: Promise

    If a moderator wants to remove the excessively long message code then by all means do so, I just thought it might help if anyone is going to fix this issue with this website.

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