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    UPDATE - It appears I was wrong :-(

    The Parcel2Go website appears to be accessible when you haven't Logged In, but once you do the pages are either blank or don't load correctly, so the order you are trying to make is impossible to complete with OWB v1.23 on MorphOS. I hope this is fixed with the update to OWB with the overdue/impending MorphOS v3.10, whenever that is going to be released. For me it can't come soon enough!

    It seems that the useful life of OWB v1.23 has EXPIRED and is now passed it's Use-By-Date . . . . January 2018. That is at least with regards to Parcel2Go courier ordering site in the UK-GB, as the site is unuseable in real terms other than to view what you have had to make an order through some other Operating System such as Windows, Macintosh, etc., but sadly NOT using OWB within MorphOS. :-(
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