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    I am unable access the quick quote option webpage of the Parcel2GO website - since they recently updated their site and obviously their code.

    Where there should be visible boxes requesting Weight, Sizes, Postcodes, Destination, etc., there is no indication of this, which should be below the first paragraph on the quick-quote page.

    I initially thought the site had gone off-line over the Christmas period, but this is not the case, as I have spoken to the staff there, and they assured me it was working, which using my Windows (reluctantly - but necessarily) I did, and made an order that way, which I cannot complete using OWB v1.23.

    The staff there said that this matter would be passed to their tech staff when they return to work, but that there is nothing they can offer at this time, but that I will be recontacted by e-mail by their tech-staff when back, probably, after the New Year holidays.

    Anyone else, run into any other websites that cannot be accessed by OWB v1.23, as it is just about (well it's really -> way beyond) past its use-by-date. ;-)

    We need a new update, as I've run into other sites that I've already reported (direct to MorphOS team) that are not accessible as they are intended to be, and I don't just mean sites like YouTube, which I find personally only occasionally useful - for tutorials on taking hardware apart, etc..

    (EDIT - UPDATE) - It appears the site was updated for the Christmas/Festive period, and in amongst that code, and festive imagery, seems to have been the Achilles heel of OWB, as the "normal" (non-festive) pages are now back available, and Parcel2Go is now useable again for we MorphOS users that want to use the site with OWB v1.23 - just thought you all ought to know.

    So, we can all have a Happy Parcel2Go New Year. :bloons:

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