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    With improvement of Iris Mail and Wayfarer I can again use my Pegasos 2 and now also Mac Mini like main home computers for browsing and messaging.

    In past I am using Pegasos 2 with Yam for many years, but during the time Yam stayed for me unusable due to missing IMAP. So last several years I used Mozilla + Thunderbird ( or web client ).

    Today I wrote again my first email over the last few years on Pegasos 2. And this post is written also on Pegasos.

    So many thanks @jacadcaps! And thanks to all involved.
    That is very nice.

    I have only little request - please, is it possible to show on message list which messages have attachment?
    I am absolutely not sure, how complex this addition is for coder, but I'm very used to it.
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