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    Thanks for the detailed (and dumbed down) reply. I already knew most, if not all of what you wrote, and I am very careful about not using links provided in emails, unless the email is received directly after an action I started on a website and the email is in response to my action. I suppose I should even be more careful with those as well.

    One of my biggest complaints about using Windows, is the seeming dozens and dozens of task, services, etc. that are always running in the background, and appear to be slowing down my computer so that it seems like I am back to running a 386 CPU bridgeboard in my A2000, trying to run Windows 3.1.

    That's why I often think about using a MacOSX system for web browsing and emails (I believe it is more secure than Windows, and I own an older iPhone SE that I could sync to it), a MorphOS system for my AmigaLike fix and everything that I can run at a reasonable speed, and a Windows system that is pared down to the bare minimum needed to run my CAD software, and perhaps a game or two, that are not available, or don't run as well, on a MacOSX or Linux system. I have also considered trying to run AmiKit, either on top of the pared down Windows install, or on top of Linux, as my daily computer, with the RabbitHole feature to run native Windows or Linux programs transparently. I'm long over due for a complete re-install on both my desktop and laptop Windows systems, but I dread the process, and fear losing something. I really need to do it though, as I'm sure I can end up with a more satisfactory running system, if done properly.
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