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    Iris beta 71 can now be downloaded from https://iris-morphos.com/iris.lha.

    Changes include:
    - Implemented Drag&Drop of emails into folders
    - Finished the quick SMTP path for servers that automatically upload emails sent via SMTP to their respective Sent folders (like GMail)
    - Session handler fixed to request new OAuth2 keys before they expire - fixes a disconnect from GMail after running Iris for over 1 hour
    - Fixed embedding images in emails, added a mime type check on embedding
    - Added an ATTACH arexx command
    - Fixed not to leave outgoing messages in Drafts on the server
    - Multi-selected emails in Forward as Attachment action all land in one target
    - Fixed an issue where emails would sometimes not be sent out
    - Refactored all actions performed on multi-selected email lists to fix the problem where only pre-loaded emails would be handled by the action
    - Fixed several null pointer dereferences
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