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    Iris beta 62 can be downloaded from iris-morphos.com (new link!)

    New Features include:
    - Implemented forwarding messages as attachments
    - Nice folder icons, icons for failed/draft messages in the Outgoing folder
    - Folder settings (accessible from menu)
    - It is now possible to create and delete IMAP folders
    - Closed state of a folder tree is now serialized

    Also fixed:
    - INBOX folder wouldn't always be detected correctly (happened on Yahoo)
    - Fixed sending of emails from accounts that had no Drafts/Sent folder
    - Fixed the 'view in external browser' feature (for attachments)
    - Fixed a UTF-7 decoder bug (caused Greek GMail to fail, for example)
    - Fixed a crash when parsing a server-side modified folder structure
    - Fixed a scroll-to-top issue when progressively adding list entries while scrolling
    - Fixed a crash in session shutdown/resource tracking

    Website coming soon...

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