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    Iris beta 61 is currently in internal testing phase. Sorry for the delays but as mentioned above I've had to split my time into other projects.

    A note on Odyssey: after comparing where the leopard-webkit project left off to the current state of WebKit and several attempts at merging the BAL (the old remains of Orygin web browser) I have concluded that anything short of an actual new port doesn't make sense.

    This means that you shouldn't expect any betas anytime soon. It'll be months before I have something working. This also means that there'll be a significant slowdown in Iris' development after 2-3 more releases. I want to add an address book after which Iris will finally exit the "beta" stage. This also implies that POP3 support in Iris will effectively be deprecated and most likely will be removed in the upcoming builds.

    The new port will focus on browsing first - that means that I want to have a port where the essentials are working (which means a bare browser with working JavaScript and a download manager in the 1st stages). Things like video playback will be at the end of the priority queue, since they're unlikely to work well due to our current CPU power deficit. I'll be working with a separation of the engine and browser in mind, to make it easy to put WebCore into other projects (like Iris).
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