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    Iris beta 60 is now available at tunkki

    - Attachments in email views got new icons and a 'download and view in external viewer' button for types that can't be displayed internally
    - Load Message will now load Outlook .msg files (excluding purely RTF emails)
    - Added a 'Save all Attachments' button
    - Added an 'OPEN' rexx cmd
    - Improved mime type handling - fixes file names of extensions/embedded images when they are attched as a name without extension and mime type
    - Added Save as PDF (only the email loaded into a html view can be saved)

    - Fixed an OAuth2 issue with Outlook
    - Fixed a bug that caused downloaded attachments to remain in the Tmp directory (Iris also makes sure to purge any stale files in Tmp on init now)
    - Improved handling of embedded images
    - Fixed a crash when doing NOOP on a disconnected but open folder
    - Fixed saving/viewing attachments of offline messages

    Please note that while I did add spell checking, Iris needs an updated spellchecker.library which is part of upcoming 3.12.

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