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    jacadcaps wrote:

    Unfortunately I have not enough spare time to try and debug VNCServer.


    Thanks for all the kind words and reports - both of things working and not working. My MorphOS time is currently restricted to a few hours a week, so it will likely be a few more weeks before the next build is released...

    Hi Just tried your new beta 44 Iris. I did have a little issue where it setup fine the first time then I closed it and opened it again and all the windows where empty. I managed to get it working again by deleting the iris folder and also delete the iris entries in envarc and copy the iris folder back again and re do the account. One thing I would like in a future update is for the option to go straight to the inbox. keep up the good work im really starting to like Morphos now after many years of my powerbook sitting under my desk collecting dust.
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