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    rms wrote:

    jacadcaps wrote:
    Looks like a disconnection. Nothing you should worry about.

    Hi, ok, but then when this error happens:

    Iris(imaps://christoph.poelzl@gmail.com@imap.gmail.com:993/IrisFolderCacheSynchronizeJob): ENOTCONN: not connected

    I can't read the emails anymore which are not local but on the server :-(

    I need to quit Iris and start again so that it works.

    Shouldn't be normal, no?

    Best regards


    Hi, I also noticed that the above seems to happens when I iconify Iris then I get this ENOTCONN: not connected but when I leave the window if Iris open, then I rather get this in the log:

    Iris(imaps://christoph.poelzl@rmsvideo.ch@server1.weboffice.ch:993/IrisFolderCacheSynchronizeJob): Socket is not connected.

    and also this:

    Iris(imaps://christoph.poelzl@rmsvideo.ch@server1.weboffice.ch:993/IrisFolderCacheSynchronizeJob): Operation timed out.

    Best regards

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