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    Iris beta 22 is now available at tunkki

    Now this is all in the README, but let me re-iterate: this is a BETA release. I take no responsibility for whatever happens to your mailbox. If you're uncertain / don't want to take the risk: do NOT download this.

    I will be releasing those betas once in a while. Probably every 2nd or 3rd closed beta release will be made public.

    What works:

    IMAP, SSL, email autoconfiguration, OAuth2 (for gmail and outlook.com)
    POP3 to some extent (slow)
    Browsing email folders, reading emails in a HTML view
    Saving attachments, viewing image attachments
    Sending HTML emails, with attachments
    Multiple accounts
    Encryption of passwords & keys via cryptostorage.library

    Does not work:

    There's no settings. No really, they're there, there's just no UI for them. Settings
    will happen at the very end, sorry :)
    There's no local storage (other than headers)
    There's no outgoing folder - if there's an error when you're writing an email,
    the email is lost.
    Iris on MorphOS 3.9

    Feature requests and stuff:
    Feel free to ask in this thread, but don't expect things to happen quickly. I have an internal
    roadmap and many systems depend on each other - I cannot just hop over some things :)
    For instance some stuff can now be painfully slow because the systems that are not yet
    online will take care of this later (like the local storage will make loading emails
    pretty fast).

    Installation and usage:
    Extract files. Make sure OpenURL is set up for OWB 1.24. Make sure OWB defaults to JS enabled if you're using gmail or outlook.com. Make sure OpenURL is set up for Iris (notes on that are in the README file).
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