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    asrael22 wrote:
    The ObjC runtime comes with a bunch of classes including collections like lists (NSArray), dictionaries (NSDictionary), etc.
    Also string (NSString) and number (NSNumber) classes, so that mixing with C++ is actually only necessary when you have a C++ library you want to use.


    Jadacaps said that the email engine he is using is written in C++ (not just a library), but most of what he has written is done in ObjC, which is why Iris is written in both.

    is part of the reason MorphOS3.10 is taking so long because it has so many added features, or is it more due to the replacement of the code removed, from the one team member who left the MorphOS Dev. Team, and took his code with him?

    Also, is there anything that can be done to prevent such a problem from happening again? Could all the code within MorphOS3.9 and earlier contributed by the departing team member have been purchased by the team, or the community and donated back to the team, or a combination of both? Or was the team member who left angry and unwilling to part with his code at any price? I haven't researched the individual team member who decided to leave and take his code with him, so I have no idea why he left, or if there was any conflict that caused him to leave on unpleasant terms, but I hope the team can come to some kind of agreement with each member, to prevent a similar problem from happening in the future.

    Edit: Manfred surely understands all of this far better than I do, so I probably just misunderstood his comment.

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