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    connor wrote:
    (..) do you plan to include the functionality to Iris step by step and some day do not need OWBSlave anymore?
    OWBSlave opens as soon as you click a mail to read and open?

    No, I've made the choice to keep this as a separate executable. It makes development of Iris possible on a PowerBook so it's either that or no mailer at all.


    Would the OWBSlave also work on Efikas as a standalone? There has not been a small OWB version for a long time.

    No. OWBSlave isn't significantly smaller than the regular OWB, the only big thing stripped is ffmpeg (video playback). The app also literally has no GUI - no tabs, menus, not even a single window.

    The previously released "small" OWB builds mostly just excluded the huge SVG libraries. This, however, is no longer possible, since more recent WebKit requires these to be linked in.
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