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    connor wrote:
    So Iris needs OWB to run. Do you plan to change this when Iris gets more advanced? will Iris be an independent program one day?

    Iris does not run the regular OWB. It runs a separate slave app called OWBSlave, which renders the emails inside the Iris' window (as seen in the screengrabs). OWBSlave is part of the Iris install package, sits in the same folder, etc and ran from shell will not open any windows - it's OWB with 95% of its UI removed.

    I've had all of this stuff linked together at one point, but there are several benefits of having the two separate:

    a) they *are* separate :)
    b) OWBSlave is only ran when needed, making a low-memory system (Efika) fallback possible
    c) linking OWBSlave currently takes about 5 minutes on my Xeon... I would NOT want to do that on a PowerBook :)
    d) the actual Iris binary is only 6MB, not 60 ;)

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