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    jacadcaps wrote:

    BTW, you claimed, most of your programing work is done in MorphOS enviroment - Iris too?

    I'm doing almost everything on my PowerBooks these days. SDKs are done on a G5. All Odyssey related work I do on a Xeon box.

    Sounds similar to what Mark mentioned in an email, that compiling Odyssey was done on an X64 platform to reduce compile times.
    Maybe if we had SMP support, continuing to use PPC platforms would be more viable. I'm unsure of this contention, as I am not sure that compilation leads itself to multi-threading.

    In any case, looking forward to the new email client, as my primary portable system (my Lenovo X201 laptop) just died unexpectedly and I am currently using my iBook (with MorphOS) when away from home.

    Which, BTW, makes an updated Odyssey critical to enhance the utility MorphOS provides me.
    Finally, how many of you use the OS for 'real' applications like I do (for example, reading work and school related email or accessing online content in my MBA classes)?

    Addendum - Thanks for all your hard work Jacek.

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