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    It would be a mistake to blame the much delayed release on a single individual only.

    It would be also wrong to imply that the release was somehow delayed merely because of "pretty pictures". The artwork required very few replacements (relatively few - most changes in 3.10 were made voluntarily, not because it was mandatory). The real changes happened elsewhere.

    As has been mentioned a few times, the development of MorphOS 3.10 is in its final stretch. There is really no need to get overly dramatic at this stage.

    @ intuition


    Individual package management would have helped there. Just update the bits you can update as and when is possible.

    I am sure this sounds great in theory but there are good practical reasons why billion dollar companies such as Microsoft or Apple push out one big feature release every year. Yet, even they get frequently criticized for releasing insufficiently polished releases (especially Apple) and are often asked to reconsider their strict annual release schedule.
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