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    Jim wrote:
    I can wait, as can many of you other die hard users, but the more casual users...I think we're losing those.

    Especially when people are talking about x64 release being certain and close all the time now, and that can cause those casual users think that they'll wait for x64 and then forget the whole thing. I think we (users) should still concentrate more to PPC and talk less about x64, at least until there is some official statements or something visible of the architecture switch. I think people went to "wait state" way too early and that hurts activity and userbase.

    I think/hope the 3.10 Release will bring back a bit of momentum. Currently we really have a bit of a Motivation/progress Problem. We all _know_ development is ongoing, but most of us _feel_ stagnation.
    I really hope the release will make it soon, as my impression is ppl get a bit nervous/pessimistic.

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