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    koszer wrote:

    amigadave wrote:
    I really hope the MorphOS Dev. Team can create the x64 version in a way that solves, or at least improves the chances for a solution to this problem.

    I really hope there will be some MorphOS users left by that time.

    Well...all this pressure to get the X64 fork ready AND keep up dating the current fork, OWB, and other packages.
    And only a few developers and programmers, all to benefit a few hundred people...

    I'd be satisfied with X5000 and PowerMac 11,2 support, and a decision to open up the OS and broaden the developer base of our current OS.

    X64? Eventually...but keeping updated seems more important.

    At this rate, the PPC fork seems to be losing users, and the X64 fork appears to be delayed.

    I can wait, as can many of you other die hard users, but the more casual users...I think we're losing those.
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