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    polluks wrote:
    We should have quick browser updates independent of the OS like in the beginning.

    What we should have is more MorphOS programmers, either on the official Dev. Team, or for 3rd party (outside the OS) software creation, or both.

    Wasn't Odyssey open sourced a while back? Why don't we have more programmers helping out, to keep it updated, and to help solve the endian problem that was introduced to the Webkit source code a long time ago?

    I'm guessing it is the same reason we don't have a modern word processor/office suite, and a lot of other software, a general lack of qualified programmers willing to code for obscure niche OSes. Unfortunately, this problem is likely to only get worse, and might be the cause of death eventually, for MorphOS.

    I really hope the MorphOS Dev. Team can create the x64 version in a way that solves, or at least improves the chances for a solution to this problem.
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