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    Usual advice for Mac mini and Powerbook/iBook is an mSATA disk plus an ide to mSata adapter. Mine came witha 2.5 plastic adapter that fits nicely in the 2.5" bay of the mini.Mine is some china import via ebay, delivery took a few days (about 14 or so).
    Had a little problem first on installing it because I forgot to run the "blessing" command for the harddisk (HFSSetMacBoot command:
    http://library.morph.zone/Shell_Commands/HFSSetMacBoot). But then everthing was fine. The 2.5 ide ssd disks are probably rather old stock. I would avoid that. I took a 120GB Kingston mS200 drive, nice and reasonable priced (about 70 EUR for the 120GB version)

    @ Templario

    Have you blessed the disks?

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