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    After many years of on and off with MorphOS I finally have a license via the purchased Mac mini I just got.

    Now to my issue with OWB. I did a fresh install of MorphOS 3.9 and Chrysalis 3.9.4 onto the machine. I used the machine for about 2 days and now OWB will not launch. I get the message "Couldn't start program System:Applications/OWB/OWB" I downloaded OWB 1.24, unpacked it and that will not launch either. I copied the new binary over the old binary and still will not run.

    I started an Ambiant Shell, dropped the program into the window and try to run it and I get the message "OWB is not an Executable" But if I show Information on the program the Check Box is selected for OWB to be an Executable. That is as far as I got. I don't know where to look in MorphOS that is saying the OWB is not an Executable.

    Any suggestions besides Nuke and Pave?

    Macmini G4-1.42, 1GB RAM, MorphOS3.9
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