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    It always seems a long time for Flacapella to recognise the built-in IDE DVD drive in my Mac Mini and/or the external USB DVD drive I have on my system, and sometimes it fails to find the CD in the drive before it offers the rescan or eject options - even though I tried to save these devices and other settings in Flacapella as Saved Settings.

    Basically it seems Flacapella searches every time it is launched for a change to DVD/CD hardware, and until it has searched all available hardware it doesn't find any CD in any drive until they are all searched through and recognised within the program. :-o

    It would be advantageous for there to be an option gadget to search for additional devices, but for there to be some devices capable of being 'saved' in the settings to avoid this situation.

    Also, how can CD tracks be saved as MP3s instead of FLAC (Rip & Enclode) or WAV (Rip) files?

    I know the program is called FLACapella for a reason, but as there is a custom option would this allow savings tracks as MP3s? :-)

    I don't see any instructions that would help me to work out how to save them as MP3s using this 'custom' option, as I've only seen in the guide the instructions for saving tracks in the LAME custom fomat. :-(
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