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    The basic strategy for the game is the following: build windtrap -> 3 x refiniries (return harvesters back even not full in order to speed up production, while building scout the map for spice areas / blow dunes to reveal more spice) -> light factory (upgrade only in first levels to attack with trikes if necessary) -> radar -> heavy factory (build 3 x harvesters) -> 2nd heavy factory (enqueue 10xcombat tanks per each factory) -> High Tech (Build 1 carryall to speed up transfer of harvesters back and forth to increase spice).

    Till this point do not use concretes and lose time when building and do not build additional windtraps to power up the radar (AI might start attacking when radar is detected as power on). If facing atreides' ornthiopters upgrade heavy factory and produce missile launchers. Once you have at least 15 combat tanks and secured the defense (set tank's group with ctrl+1 hotkey and check "area guard" on them), build repair center, 2nd carryall. Then you can power up the radar and build a Starport (in later stages by also upgrading your construction yard first).

    Barracks, walls, gun/rocket turrets are basically useless along with the special units of the houses. Strong/sufficient amount of tanks will annihilate the enemy.

    I have finished the game already with Atreides and Ordos on medium difficulty (with new AI). Hard level is way too unfair. Just rush at the enemy you see that it starts with a fully populated base, builds fast and attacks without losing a split second.
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