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    I just came by to let you know that I reproduced it by clicking lmb, lol :) Anyway, so far so good :) About the game AI, it is brutal. Nothing similar to the original Dune (imho, it's better to have stronger opponents though). It is configured by default on highest difficult level (at game's options) and you can't reduce it if you have started a campaign. You must select another difficulty level and then restart the campaign. I was also stuck on 4 level with Atreides and ultimately I 've given up. Restarted the campaign but also on Medium difficulty the AI is really strong.


    Hey man, I checked latest windows version of Dune Legacy and they have this awesome HD scaller (someone recreated the original graphics in HD but due to copyright issues he couldn't upload them as standalone, instead they are used as a "mask" on the game's options). Any chance we get this feature as well? Or is SDL 2 specific?
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