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    Thank you so much!

    Save/Load works, music/sfx work, fullscreen/window mode work, game intro, campaign, skirmish (is there any skirmish pack add-on btw?), all video options (zoom/scale/double buffering etc) work, map editor works, all ingame button and hotkeys work.

    Game is very fast, no weird slowdowns (even though it uses 100% cpu as usual ffs)..

    Only problem faced with 800x600 resolution I get a damn flickering (would prefer playing Dune on lower resolution since the zoom effect doesn't really cut it imho). With anything above than 1024x768 graphics are smooth (native ambient screenmode is 1280x1024 fyi).

    Please try and add multiplayer. It would be cool if we play it on a lan party or even through the internt :P :)

    Tested on MOS 3.9 PMAC G4 1.6Ghz, 1.5GB Ram, Radeon 9800Pro 256mb.

    EDIT: Zoom x 3 plus 1024x768 and upwards rocks :) nveermind my my comment about the flickering up above :)

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