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    NewSense wrote:
    I've run the log-tool, and there's too much data to transfer into this thread (<60k) so I've sent that to you via a PM as it will just mess up this thread probably unnecessarily. ENJOY ! ;-)

    Ok. I found the bug ... In the front of your screen. ;-)

    I can reproduce your log if i delete the icon of Calimero and try to make a table, normal text and so on..
    I haven't install it in the dir and start it directly on the ram: after unpacking.
    The result is this log like yours :-(

    Why you try my prog alone on the ram: without a icon ?????????????????? And i can reproduce this behavior !

    My prog needs things like a icon (tooltypes !!) and some pathes to dictionarys.

    You can't even try progs like pagestream, or OWB without the icon and the rest of there directorys. That's result in crash or a simple
    non function .

    Is Pagestream or OWB buggy without the rest of there dirs ?? NO
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