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    Carsten, I'd like to have tried out Preview 4 of Calimero v3.7, but . . . .

    22-Oct-16 21:03:48
    68k Exception 2 <Unknown Exception>
    Task 0x2DD7A4D0 <Calimero prvw 4>
    Dn[0] 00000010 20815e10 00000000 00000000 205ba0fc 2069b4f4 206d0000 206d0000
    An[0] 2e331660 200bc868 3491dc58 2069b0ac 2e3317a0 208160d8 20001948 00000000
    PC deadfee7 SR 0000
    68k StackTrace:
    PPC StackTrace:
    [ 0] 0x10115b28 -> <@ABox: Module> Hunk 0 Offset 0x15b28
    [ 1] 0x1010e9d8 -> <@ABox: Module> Hunk 0 Offset 0xe9d8
    [ 2] 0x1010e8e8 -> <@ABox: Module> Hunk 0 Offset 0xe8e8
    [ 3] 0x10119668 -> <@ABox: Module> Hunk 0 Offset 0x19668
    [ 4] 0x2244a440 -> <@MOSSYS:LIBS/trance.library> Hunk 1 Offset 0x4948
    [ 5] 0x11007494 -> <@ABox: Emulation> Hunk 0 Offset 0x7494
    [ 6] 0x11008c48 -> <@ABox: Emulation> Hunk 0 Offset 0x8c48
    [ 7] 0x2087ea70 -> <@DoMethodMOSSYS:LIBS/muimaster.library> Hunk 1 Offset 0x9aa28
    [ 8] 0x20817a70 -> <@MOSSYS:LIBS/muimaster.library> Hunk 1 Offset 0x33a28
    [ 9] 0x2087ea04 -> <@MOSSYS:LIBS/muimaster.library> Hunk 1 Offset 0x9a9bc
    [10] 0x2d5dcdd8 -> <@DoMethodCalimero prvw 4> Hunk 1 Offset 0x2e2d30

    So, when you get this issue fixed let me know, and I'll try it out once more. It is very frustrating getting your software and having these issues with them virtually each time, but I'm a patient guy . . . . so I'll be waiting to hear back from you. ;-)

    I should also say to you that I have used TurboCalc, PageStream, Datastore, Wordworth, Final Writer, MSWord, OpenOffice, well you may have already got the picture - I know how to click a mouse button, and move about a page of a document or spreadsheet, or table, BUT Calimero is not in the same league as those programs as it stands.

    It has potential, but it is not being realised at the moment.

    The most important thing for a program that handles text is to get the text-handling correct before anything else, and then, and only then, move onto other features that you want to implement, one-at-a-time.

    Then, get each one working correctly, ideally with feedback that it is working correctly from lots of users, or at least from ones you know you can trust . . . . before adding in something else to over-complicate the program and make it buggy for any user. That is IMHO. ;-)
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