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    @NewSense: A new try: download

    First at all: Please use this version with this includet icon !
    It exists now two more tooltypes, that's needet by the prog.
    Delete all settings of Calimero !
    Insert the drawer "pic" from the archive of first post at this thread and use it.

    Try this version! Insert a table and try to move it. Works ? Tell me the result.
    Second; After moving works, take a look at the contextmenu. Select in this menu "edit.."
    Works that ? Tell me the result.

    You must only know, how amiga-like guis work, to use all things in Climero.
    And to note: Ghostet entrys in the contextmenu ( or amiga menus at all...) tells you, that's anything is wrong.
    The ghostet button "row / size" tells you: You haven't mark any cell or you haven't mark them enough.

    Whow you can mark cells: Insert a table and click with mouse on it a single time. Now you can mark cells with the key combination
    "R or L Shift + Mouse. Push the shift key and klick a single time with the mouse on a active table and move the mouse. A lasso appear.
    This mark all cells, which center lies under the lasso.

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