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    pegasos-sigi2 schrieb:
    Ok. I try to make Calimero more end user friendly. But you must pushing buttons and clicking with the mouse like before.
    To note: Calimero can*t scan your brain, and act like your meaning. You must do something to create something.

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    Hi Carsten,

    I agree to what NewSense said:

    I see 'Edit' 'Border' 'Row', 'Column', and 'Delete' options, but 'Border' is permanently 'ghosted', and 'Row' and 'Column' sub-menu 'size' is only ever 'ghosted' so does nothing either. The only ones that are not permanently 'ghosted' out and that actually do something are 'Edit' and 'Delete'. Edit allows the text to be changed, and Delete opens a Shell window where a '0' appears when you release the right mouse on 'Delete' - so basically also does nothing, as once the table is on a page - it's there until you either save the page as is, or quit the program.

    I tried to add some pictures, but that does not work here.
    Maybe I could send you an email including the ghosted options.
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