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    First of all I should say - Carsten, why do you add into your reply message a full repeat of what I just mentioned, immediately/just above what you just wrote, as there is really no need for making these comments virtually 'bloated'. Please keep your comments concise/as brief as possible so it is as easy as possible to read through for anyone interested in this thread/discussion.


    pegasos-sigi2 wrote:It's not easy to understand, i know, but all this features are real and exists.

    That may be so, but they don't work as you mention they are supposed to do in the previews you have released, so why offer a preview that, 'does not do what it says on the label'?

    pegasos-sigi2 wroteAnd yes, you are right. You need indeed one new icon.
    If you really try this preview (you must do this...) download the archive from the first post There you will find the 'pic' icon folder.

    I have seen this issue also mentioned on the Meta-MorphOS website, so ideally these issues need addressing on that site as well.

    pegasos-sigi2 wroteAnd very good news: In the next preview Calimero can join cells. The function joins two dimensional, too.
    What the hell is this ? A: Calimero join cells to the right and bottom side.
    I release the new preview, if i finish the function "unjoin" to split joined cells.

    This is all well and good, but unless you are going to release a preview that actually does what you say it will, even if it is only at a Beta stage of development, then don't release another preview that does not do anything like what you say it will, as it is just too frustrating to bother with.

    pegasos-sigi2 wroteI know, the table editor is heavy (hard) to understand, but it is very powerful. I try to make a separate guide to explain the table editor.

    A table editor guide would obviously be beneficial for users, but only if it does what you say it will, as so far, nothing has worked like you say it is intended to, sadly.
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