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    NewSense wrote:

    pegasos-sigi2 wrote:
    Very good News: Calimero support nearly all table features now.

    Not with the pre-release version 3 that I downloaded, besides which you keep allowing a download preview that does not contain the necessary 'pic' GUI elements that allow even the most basic functions relating to a Table, such as editing the text in it, so you need to include the 'pic' of a Table for the GUI toolbar in the archive.

    The 'pic' folder is in the first archive you offered at the top of the page - Calimero_tabel.lha - so that is how I obtained the 'table' pic GUI element to activate the Table functionality, without that I might as well have been clicking forever more with nothing happening.


    pegasos-sigi2 wrote: Now Calimero can edit nearly all table settings like border, row height, column with, background and contents.
    Only joining cells is under consttruction ;-)

    I see 'Edit' 'Border' 'Row', 'Column', and 'Delete' options, but 'Border' is permanently 'ghosted', and 'Row' and 'Column' sub-menu 'size' is only ever 'ghosted' so does nothing either. The only ones that are not permanently 'ghosted' out and that actually do something are 'Edit' and 'Delete'. Edit allows the text to be changed, and Delete opens a Shell window where a '0' appears when you release the right mouse on 'Delete' - so basically also does nothing, as once the table is on a page - it's there until you either save the page as is, or quit the program.

    I chose to quit the program - as I had hoped for a release that did something this time, but I cannot say I was disappointed too much as I am beginning to expect these flawed releases from Carsten, sadly.


    pegasos-sigi2 wrote:This screenshot shows sellected cells. Sellected cells shows darker like other.

    Ah!! the wonderful world of screenshots, but how about offering something next time that does not just let the user waste their time.

    pegasos-sigi2 wrote:
    New in this preview:
    + Export of tables to pdf
    + Multi-selecting cells
    + Background color and texture
    + Border color and appearance
    + Text align of cell contents
    + Row height
    + Column width

    It would be wonderful if these features actually materialise, but they certainly are not in the preview release you have offered, as far as I can tell, and as I have said the archives seem to be missing some of the GUI elements to activate some of the options you say are in the preview release. So, please check the requirements/elements for activating these features, and ensure they are in the archive when you make it available, as it really is currently wasting my time trying to evaluate it, sadly. :-(

    It's not easy to understand, i know, but all this features are real and exists.
    And yes, you are right. You need indeed one new icon.
    If you realy try this preview (you dont't must do this...) download the archive in the first post There you can find this icon folder.

    And very good news: In the next preview Calimero can join cells. The function joins two dimensional, too.
    What the hell is this ? A: Calimero join cells to the right and bottom side.
    I release the new preview, if i finish the function "unjoin" to split joind cells.

    I know, the table editor is heavy to understand, but it is very powerfull.
    I try to make a separate guide to explain the table editor.

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