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    pegasos-sigi2 wrote:
    Doubleclick works and is connected with the systemprefs "mouse / double-click". If it dousen't work, wait between clicks more or less.

    The context menu exists. You must only select the right "Edit layer".

    I was going to say the only way to get a context menu is when you select Drawing Mode that offers the function for Layer or Edit, but this does nothing to affect the table . . but wait/read on . . .

    pegasos-sigi2 wrote:Take a look in the toolbar. On the left side exists three buttons: TextMode, Object Mode and Tabel Mode.

    Arghh ! There is no Table-Mode in the GUI for the preview that you have released, just Text and Drawing Modes - as in previous versions

    pegasos-sigi2 wrote:Select "Tabel Mode" and now you can reach the right context menu. Now you can move a table, too.

    Not until an option to select 'Table Mode' exists in the GUI will this be possible it seems

    [EDIT] - I just realised you added an additional image in the pic folder/drawer of the archive, and this triggers the Table Menu when added to the main Calimero 3.6 pic folder and the preview is launched from within that Calimero folder/drawer, so I now get the Table option, and I can edit the Table, but there does not seem to be an option to delete the table.

    The border system in the settings seems 'clunky' as you cannot use the 'Tab'key to move from filed to field, you have to use the mouse to select each field, which as I say is annoying, and should also have, ideally, 'Hot-keys'/keyboard selection to be able to choose the Left or Right or Top or Bottom margin options, and also 'Hot-keys'/keyboard selection for RoWs and Columns, or whatever else you choose that would allow these options.


    pegasos-sigi2 wrote:And here a new Screenshot.
    I add a Window to edit the cell borders.

    That's a good idea, ;-)
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