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    NewSense wrote:
    I can create a table, and I can change its default value in the Settings, but I cannot move it or edit it at all, as the double-click does nothing, and there is no context menu that offers the option(s) you have mentioned while over the table area.

    I don't know whether other users have had better use with it, but those are my observations of this preview of Calimero.

    At the moment it does very little that is of use, well that is certainly true for me, but we can all hope you will get this issue fixed for the next 'preview' release. ;-)

    Doubleclick works and is connectet with the systemprefs "mouse / doubleckick"
    If it dousen't work, wait between clicks more or less.

    The contextmenu exitst. You must only select the right "Edit layer".
    Take a look in the toolbar. On the left side exists three buttons: TextMode, Object Mode and Tabel Mode.
    Select "Tabel Mode" and now you can reach the right context menu.
    Now you can move a tabel, too.

    And here a new Screenshot.
    I add a Window to edit the cell borders.

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