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    Ok Ok Ok...
    Try this.Calimero preview 2

    In this preview the tabel editor is not a window, but a separate layer of the document window.


    How i can insert a Tabel?
    A: Klick in the menu of Calimero the entry "Insert / Tabel". Now it apears a tabel with default size.

    I wish to insert a tabel with different sizes. How i can take this ?
    A: Go to the programsettings and enter the list entry "Tabel". There you can edit the size of every tabel.

    I can't move the tabel. What's this ?
    A: Select in the toolbar the "Tabel" - Layer. This make it possible. Now you can edit every thing behind tabels.

    How i can edit a Tabel now?
    A: You can show the tabel editor layer with this two actions: Doubleclick the tabel or open the contextmenu of the tabel and klick "edit".

    And close...
    A: Simple klick with the cursor on a place without tabel. Now the tabel editor was hidding. Or push the "ESC" - button while editing.

    @ amigadave: What do you mean now ? Can you test this ?
    Spreedy - The spreedsheet editor of MorphOS
    Calimero - Do you know about the new DTP Program for MorphOS ?
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