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    pegasos-sigi2 wrote:
    It's a little preview of a new big feature of Calimero: Calimero preview
    To test this feature exchange the binary with icon and the pic directory.



    Why external tabel editor windows ?
    A: Overlay this editors on the doc window is simple, but not usable. MUI did't like this.

    Why this poor features ?
    A: Many more features comes later. It't only a preview.

    Can i install tabels on every page ?
    A: Yes. You can install any numbers of tabels on ervery page you have. The number of tabels are not restricted.

    Looks strange, but as long as it works, it will be useful until a solution to allow onscreen (non-external) table editing can be found. Perhaps one of the more experienced MUI programmers can find the problem, or offer some advice on what might be preventing onscreen editing to work with MUI.

    I would be very surprised to find out that there are no other MUI programs that don't already have similar editing capabilities, so maybe you can find other programs that have that feature, and incorporate it into Calimero later.

    Keep up the good work, I am looking forward to having a good word processor, or desk top publishing program for MorphOS in the near future.

    Edit: Unfortunately, I have never been able to get the newest WIP version of Pagestream PPC to work on any system, MorphOS, or AmigaOS4.

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