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    Now, thanks to Yasu and jpv I came up with a little tricky workaround. As I'm short of time now I won't describe step by step what I did but roughly describe what I did to get gmail working again in OWB:

    1. Opened Chrome in OSX, cleared all cookies and signed in to gmail
    2. Edit OWB's cookies.db with some sqlite manager, I used DB Browser for Sqlite on OSX
    3. Open Chrome cookie manager
    4. Copy all values from Chrome cookies to your OWB cookies and manually add not existing one. Make sure to copy all values and pathes.
    5. Just copy back cookies.db to OWB, I used my bookmark to gmail and was logged in back again :)

    You can probably use other browser than Chrome, like Firefox etc as long as you can see all the cookies and their values.

    EDIT: I cleared all cookies in Chrome to see what cookies are needed to move.

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