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    because of a serious bug at AmigaOS4 (texts are not shown) I need to release a new Version, but there are already some new features and bugfixes inside interesting for all platforms. Therefore.

    ALB42 proudly presents:

    Mapparium 0.3

    OpenStreetMap viewer for all Amiga systems.


    • FIX: Invisible texts on OS4
    • FIX: Go offline if internet is down
    • FIX: Start folder for load/save dialogs
    • FIX: Filter for dialogs
    • FIX: Version informations
    • ADD: Load tracks from Garmin TCX files
    • ADD: Set size of middle marker
    • ADD: Support for geo: URIs
    • ADD: DblClick to lower panel copies middle position to clipboard as geo: URI

    Download at Mapparium Page
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