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    Yeah, usage of MOS hasn't been encouraged by developers, mildly said. So, I'd keep it as MorphOS something. And MOSNet already was name of the TCP/IP stack.

    I'd avoid app word too, because it'll contain more than just applications. And it's quite a buzzword too. But I'd also keep it descriptive, not like Happy or something like that.

    MorphOS Center came in my mind too, but center might be too wide description when it's only for files... but maybe like MorphOS Share or MorphOS Repository would be good... hmm..

    Although I'm usually pro-Aminet and I think everything we made should be uploaded to Aminet, but I can see the need for something which has screenshots etc extra goods too... and another option might be useful when MorphOS Files isn't updated actively... unless we get more functions to Aminet which would be the best.

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