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    Ingo wrote:
    Hey ToDi, old chap :-)

    Yo Ingo! :D


    TheMagicM wrote:
    Same error... I even renamed the "Conf" to "Conf.old", restarted OWB, still get "Forbidden" when I go to amigazeux.org. On my Linux laptop, it works fine though.

    Might be automatic blocking due to useragent. I looked through the blocked requests and yes there were 29 requests without! a useragent on 29.02. from the same IP that tried to download Diavolo at about the times you posted here. That got you blocked from accessing amigazeux.org. You could still access amigazeux.net because it handles security checks differently.

    Deleting the cookies set by amigazeux.org should fix this, not sure though. Setting a valid useragent will most likely. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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