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    I'd like to talk WinUAE. I use eUAE on my MorphOS system a lot, but everyone knows WinUAE is by far the most advanced and mature. I have a number of hard drive images with various configurations backed up, but haven't seriously used WinUAE in some years. I briefly tried getting OS3.9 with PPC after PPC support was added to UAE, but gave up after problems. I plan on trying that again and exploring even more exotic configs. I'll be asking a number of questions. Hopefully I will get some good answers and this will become what the title says, THE big WinUAE thread :-)

    Are there any good guides and posts explaining the best config for OS3.X with PPC (WarpUp/PowerUp)?

    Last time I asked Warp3D wouldn't work with PPC support and Wazp3D didn't either. I'm guessing this will never change?

    Is it even worth it to use PPC support? I know, personal opinion.

    What is your ultimate WinUAE config? Doesn't have to be OS3.X. Maybe an ultimate OS1.3 config?

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