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    NewSense wrote:
    Hi Andreas, Happy New Year, and thanks for the link to clear up that point - so they are Isochronous devices it seems. ;-)

    I saw there was a small program for users on Windows to get the PS2 Eyetoy camera to be recognised on that OS, and used as a webcam.

    However, I haven't seen that it is plug & play even on Windows, so do they work on Mac OSX or not - if known, and so would it just work with MorphOS if plugged in to a USB connection and be useable as a webcam or other type of camera for MorphOS?

    I am curious why no one ever followed this up.
    I had always thought our current USB support was inadequate for this type of application.
    Frankly, I hate webcams, but I`ve been forced to use them to complete some tasks I have been assigned in a few courses I have taken recently.

    Basic webcam software as well as video recording software would be nice, so do we at least have the latter?
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