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    I forgot to give you thanks for your reply and advice. It worked perfectly.

    On a related or similar issue, I came across my old and orginal installation of Pagestream 3.2 yesterday and I decided to also give it a try, since it worked very well with my previous Mac Mini G4 1.2Ghz.

    It's working but it messed up my user-startup and now everytime I logon is asking me to assign volume Work:Pagestream32.

    This is how my user-startup file looks like now, and IMPORTANT - THIS IS ALL THAT MY USER-STARTUP SHOWS NOW, nothing more:

    ;BEGIN PageStream3
    Assign PageStream3: "Work:PageStream3"
    Assign SoftLogik: "PageStream3:SoftLogik"
    Assign Fonts: "PageStream3:SoftLogik/Fonts" ADD
    ;END PageStream3
    ;BEGIN ARexx
    sys:system/rexxmast >NIL:
    ;END ARexx

    How to edit my user-startup so that it boots up straight to Ambient?
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