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    I've recently sent a few PMs to WeiXing3D to assist him with his problem with Pagestream, and I have now managed to get my FONTS issue with Pagestream fixed, so all my Pagestream fonts are now working correctly.

    Thanks to all members who posted information about resolving this issue, but I think my problem was fixed by changing something in my FILE>PREFERENCES > (PREFERENCES REQUESTER) TYPE option, and there I changed something like the font size (which wasn't working at the time), clicked on OK, then SAVED the changes, and hey-presto my FONTS were working OK - it really has been a weird problem, but I'm really pleased my Pagestream program is now working under MorphOS as it was one of my main programs for Amiga 68k, so it's great for it to be working now. :-D

    For Pagestream fans, I spoke to Deron a week or 2 ago and he said he was currently working on a MorphOS specific version of Pagestream 5 so I really do hope that is realised soon. :-D

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