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    I moved my PageStream 4 (4.08.10) installation from my System:Applications to Work: Because I need to leave more room in my system partition.

    CLARIFICATION: I'm using a copy of a previous installation that I had installed in my previous MorphOS 3.1 and that I moved to a USB pendrive, so I didn't run the typical image mount > installer method.

    Could anyone help me to edit the user-startup sequence to reflect this change; Work: Pagestream4? This is what I used to have:

    ;BEGIN PageStream
    Assign PageStream: "System:PageStream" DEFER
    Assign PageStream4: "System:PageStream" DEFER
    Assign SoftLogik: "PageStream:SoftLogik" DEFER
    Assign Fonts: "PageStream:SoftLogik/Fonts" ADD
    ;END PageStream

    My Fonts are located in "Work:Pagestream4/SoftLogik/Fonts

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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